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Enviro-One-Solutions is dedicated to protecting your business by offering  you a complete solution that relieves you of the hassle and risk of Grease Trap Service & Cleaning, with the assurance that your business is in compliance as specified. We surpass the competition, in not only price, but value as well.
Enviro-One-Solutions has been the leader in the industry in the Atlanta area since 1989 .
Our customer service and prompt response time make us the natural choice for your grease trap maintenance. In addition to Reducing plumbing problems and expenses.
A grease trap should be checked and maintained to ensure it is working properly. Backups, odors and drainage problems are signs that the grease trap is not functioning.Our Cost -Effective service and prompt response time make us the natural choice for your grease trap maintenance. Please call us today to begin your service.
Our prompt response time and skilled technicians ensure customer satisfaction.
Through our commitment, experience, and expertise Enviro-One-Solutions has established a business relationship with our customers that will last a lifetime!
Enviro One-Solutions provides superior environmental solutions to industry, government and small business sector. We provide Certified Environmental services, in a timely and cost-effective manner.
Our compliance team makes sure your waste is always treated in strict compliance with all state and local regulations.
Inaddition to making sure your waste is always collected on schedule, at times of day that minimize or eliminate impact to your daily operations.
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We are proud to be affiliated with the following associations:
National Rendering Association (NRA)
Fat and Proteins Research Foundation (FPRF)
American Fats and Oils Association (AFOA)
Frequently Asked Questions
Why should we maintain our grease traps?
- To prevent the discharge of brown grease into waste streams. Grease mixed with cold water and sewage causes major clogs in sewer lines.
- To prevent back-ups in your restaurant, causing huge costs in repairs and possibly lost business.
- To prevent odor problems outside where customers park and in some cases inside the restaurant.
What are the requirements regarding grease trap size and servicing frequency?
- Each L.G.A (Local Governing Authority) has specific requirements. The sizing is based on many factors with the most important factor being number of seats in your establishment.
- The servicing frequency varies depending on the requirements of each L.G.A. Typically indoor grease traps are serviced from 30-90 days. Outdoor grease traps are serviced a minimum of 90 days and a maximum of 180 days. Check with L.G.A. to verify your facilities requirements.
Why is my L.G.A. making me invest so much expense in upgrading the grease trap?
- Each L.G.A. has specific requirements. many have implemented new codes which require larger grease traps.
- If a grease trap is undersized, it will not retain FOG. If no grease mat is forming, have the trap evaluated to determine if it is properly sized, properly installed and meet L.G.A codes.
- If your facility has an indoor grease trap and it is too close to a dishwasher, the hot water simply liquefies the grease and sends it out to the sewer system.
How do I choose a service company for hauling grease trap waste?
- All haulers must be inspected and approved by the state of Georgia. Each L.G.A. will provide an approved list of haulers.
- Choose a hauler that knows L.G.A requirements and is able to service at the proper frequency.
- Inspect the work at completion, even though it may make you nauseous.
- Ensure hauler schedules by database so you are not having to call and set up quarterly pumping, etc
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